Complete GIS and FMIS implementation and support services

GIS | Geographic Information Systems

We have been providing GIS services to mid-Atlantic regional clients since 1987. The firm itself was formed in 1995 as a GIS services firm; we have been an Environmental Systems Research Institute (Esri)-based implementer of GIS technology since inception.

In these pages, you will find descriptions of the services we currently provide, a list of our clients, examples of the types of projects we have been involved in, and descriptions of product offerings.
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FMIS | Facilities Management Information Systems

While the firm was started as a GIS implementation firm, we have come to understand that the fundamental technologies associated with GIS work exceedingly well in the implementation of FMIS.

Whereas in the past buildings have simply been polygon features depicting the location of structures relative to infrastructure outside the building envelope, SSA now utilizes the same technology to integrate information about the construction and operation of the buildings and to offer that information via the Internet.
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