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Introducing Our New Suite of FMIS Products

The SpatialFacilities Suite
An integrated data management, analysis, viewing and reporting system for your building or campus



Sustainability &
Environmental Stewardship

A Necessary Focus

With the increasing costs of energy and other operating expenses, there is increasing pressure to begin to monitor, manage, and reduce the use of energy in our automobiles, transit systems, buildings, and homes.

































































GIS technology has been around for over 40 years, and its uses have continually broadened. Historically, GIS was used to map building outlines, road centerlines and rights of way, property boundaries, utility locations, etc. Within the last several years, it has become recognized that GIS technology can be used to “map” the locations of elements within the building envelope as well—walls, doors, mechanical systems, electrical systems, plumbing systems, etc. Just as with, for example, utilities that are maintained by a local government jurisdiction, features within buildings can carry attribute information that is helpful to facility managers in understanding what it is that has to be maintained or periodically replaced. Further, GIS technology can be used to provide spatially-aware situational awareness to security personnel at a variety of levels—campus, building, or suite.

Facility Management data includes a wide variety of information, including:

to name a few. The responsibilities for these information pieces fall within the purview of more than one office in a typical facility —overall management for budgeting and capital programming, building operations and maintenance, security, etc. Typically no one individual has day-to-day responsibility for all of these “pieces of the facility management puzzle,” however every building, campus, or corporate real property manager has a need to be concerned about every one of these and more.

Spatial Systems Associates, Inc. has been providing assistance to facility managers in using Esri GIS technology to address each of these puzzle pieces both inside and outside the envelope of the building.  

We have developed a suite of products that we collectively call SpatialFacilities to handle all of the puzzle pieces. GIS is the technology that provides the “glue” to hold the pieces together. The SpatialFacilities suite of products includes three applications—SpatialPortfolio, SpatialOperations, and SpatialSecurity.

Collectively, the SpatialFacilities Suite, along with Esri GIS technology, provides a single, integrated data management, analysis, viewing and reporting system that glues all of pieces of the facilities management puzzle together. Individual staff, whether management, operations or security, all draw from the same source of information in understanding the facility puzzle pieces for which they are responsible.

SpatialPortfolio focuses on the inventory of facility assets, their location, condition, value, current use and the capital reserve requirements necessary to maintain the portfolio for the forseeable future. SpatialPortfolio incorporates Capital Project Scheduling, Document Management, and Space Management components into a convenient, web-based and Esri-based interface.






SpatialOperations monitors indoor environment (temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, etc.), energy use, water use, and other operational characteristics to provide actionable information to facility managers that allow the manager to both improve operational conditions and reduce operating costs for a building or group of facilities. SpatialOperations also provides integration with work order scheduling and spare parts inventory systems, allows display of locations of current open work orders, and associates past work orders with GIS features to provide historical information on the maintenance/repair records for building components.






SpatialSecurity integrates a variety of safety and security systems with Esri’s GIS technology to provide improved and geographically aware information to security personnel. SpatialSecurity integrates access control, burglar alarm, fire alarm, video surveillance, and other monitoring systems with Esri GIS for a single building, group of buildings, or multiple campuses, as well as provides a single integrated and spatially aware interface to security personnel.

All of the SpatialFacilities products operate in a server environment and can be deployed either within a customer’s firewall or via the web. SSA provides complete integration, data development, deployment, and support services for the entire SpatialFacilities solution.

Please contact us for a demonstration of these integrated products and an evaluation of how they may be implemented individually or collectively to assist in managing your facilities.