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Document Management

Document Management has come to mean many things to different people. In the context of Facilities Management, we view document management as the ability to store and access information about the facility that is being managed. Documents may include original hard copy or CADD-based construction drawings, as-built drawings, specifications, cut sheets and other submittals, operating manuals, etc. that are produced throughout the construction process. In addition, as documentation is developed through maintenance operations, these documents can be added to the digital library and linked to relevant features. Through the use of a spatially enabled FMIS, these documents are scanned into a digital form (binary, grayscale, or color) and linked to appropriate features in the system. Accessible over a web-based system, these documents are then made available to operations and maintenance personnel who may have a need to review them or print out portions of them in the performance of their daily activities.

Spatial Systems Associates regularly utilizes construction drawings in the development of the floor plan and infrastructure model associated with the FMIS. The documents are often registered in plan when appropriate, and are then available as a deliverable in either registered or unregistered format. Cut sheets and operations manuals are also scanned and linked to the appropriate feature in the FMIS.

Operations and maintenance personnel with access to a simple browser have the ability to point to a feature in the facility and query the database regarding available documentation for that feature. Online review of the documentation or printing of selected portions is available.

This simple but effective method of storing and organizing documents related to the design and operation of the facility provides online access when needed, and eliminates the need to return to the operations/maintenance facility to gain access to documentation during field repairs or investigations.