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FMIS System Integration

Most organizations have pieces of an FMIS system already deployed for their facility. Whether the organization has copies of original digital as-built drawings, an existing work order system used by building maintenance personnel, or a SCADA system that has been collecting operational data for years, Spatial System Associates is adept at integrating these legacy systems into the holistic FMIS system that we deploy. There is often no need to replace existing technologies, but simply to incorporate their functionality into the system that SSA and our client agree is what is necessary to properly manage the facility. Our programmers can utilize the historic information to assess operational characteristics and present the results of analysis in a way that is easy for the manager to interpret.

New technologies can be added as necessary to supplement the data that is currently collected, and the combination of legacy and new monitoring technologies can be harvested to gain operational insights that have not been demonstrated in the past.

Spatial Systems can utilize existing computer technology or provide completely new systems to run the monitoring and analysis functions. We work with your facilities staff to understand what they believe are important measures of operational sustainability, add our own insights, and agree on a system that is both functional and affordable. Given the modular nature of our approach, we are confident that as the use of the FMIS system grows within the organization, we can expand the functionality, processing capability, and storage capacity of the system to meet growing needs.