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Spatial Systems' FMIS offerings focus on operational management of facilities, including space management, furniture and equipment inventory and management, indoor environmental quality, water consumption, energy consumption, and site sustainability. Continuous monitoring of these characteristics plays an important role in effective facility management. In particular, we have found that monitoring operational environmental indicators and energy consumption levels provides a reasonable metric for continually assessing the "sustainable health" of the facility.

Our SpatialOperations application is designed to be customized for each client, and can include monitoring, display of analysis results in a web-based dashboard environment. SpatialOperations includes the ability to monitor indoor environment (temperature, humidity, CO2 levels) and energy consumption at the facility level or down to individual circuits.

Indoor Environment
SSA will design a layout of a series of sensors that are mounted on interior and exterior spaces to monitor the temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide levels. Data is stored in an online database and analyzed on demand to provide operational information on the effectiveness of the HVAC system in maintaining desired environmental characteristics throughout the building. The SpatialOperations application will issue alerts to predefined parties if the operational characteristics fall outside of a user-defined range.

Energy Consumption
With the current sustainability initiatives at all levels of federal, state and local government, our SpatialOperations application can monitor energy consumption at any desired level from whole building to individual component. Consumption data is stored in an online database, and tools are provided to analyze and present consumption data as compared to expected consumption. The system helps to identify components that are not working properly or are operating outside of the timeframes for which they are intended. Not only can total consumption be compared to the reports that are being presented by regional utilities to confirm the accuracy of the amount of energy being billed, the information can be used to monitor the effectiveness of energy reduction measures on an ongoing basis, thus providing a base of information from which to demonstrate compliance with federal and state reduction mandates.

Other Monitoring
Spatial's modular and customizable SpatialOperations approach to facilities management provides a platform for integrating other monitoring devices for a given facility, including video and intrusion detection systems, and furniture/equipment location detection as may be needed in a hospital environment or any facility with expensive mobile equipment.