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Projects in this section illustrate acquisition of digital orthophotography and processing of LiDAR data. Projects include QA/QC of orthophotography and contour creation.

Archdiocese ofarchdiocese-of-baltimore-logo Baltimore

Spatial Systems Associates has been helping the Archdiocese of Baltimore for over a decade in using GIS technology to assist in making decisions regarding both church and school development and closure issues.

Somerset County, MD

Spatial Systems developed a complete GIS for the Somerset Department of Emergency Services to assist the E911 operators in more efficiently responding to emergency calls. The project included design of the required geodatabase, acquisition and installation of hardware and software, data development and field verification of over 30 layers, training and continued support.


Charles County, MDcharles-county-md-seal

Services have included acquisition of digital orthophotography, acquisition and processing of LiDAR data, development of contours, scanning of utility as-builts, and development of both water and sewer infrastructure data, including field verification.

Western Marylandwestern-maryland-seal

Spatial Systems was assigned the task of developing street centerline data and associated addresses, and field verifying the existence and location of the addresses for use in E911 systems for Allegany, Garrett and Washington counties in Maryland.


Eastern Shore LiDAReastern-shore-lidar-logo

Spatial Systems was responsible for collecting and processing LiDAR data for seven counties on the eastern shore of Maryland. The data significantly exceeded accuracy requirements and now forms the basis for terrain data in that part of the state.

Western Shore LiDARwestern-shore-lidar-logo

Spatial Systems was contacted by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources to acquire and process LiDAR data for five counties on the western shore of the Chesapeake. Services resulted in development of 2-foot contours from this data for four of these counties.


Isle of Wight, VAisle-of-wight-seal

Spatial has been providing GIS consulting, implementation and support services to Isle of Wight County in Virginia since 1999. Services have included complete support of the planning office in their efforts to introduce and support the use of GIS technology for the County.

Worcester County, MDworcester-county-md-logo

Spatial Systems developed a complete GIS for the Worcester County Department of Emergency Services to assist E911 operators in their response to emergencies. Services included use of available digital orthophotography as a base map, and vectorization of all county operated utilities as well as a complete cadastral theme for the county tied to the state Department of Assessments tax records. 

New Kent County, VAnew-kent-county-va-seal

Spatial Systems has been assisting New Kent County Virginia in a variety of ways since 2003 in their implementation of County-wide GIS.