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Introducing Our New Suite of FMIS Products

The SpatialFacilities Suite
An integrated data management, analysis, viewing and reporting system for your building or campus



Sustainability &
Environmental Stewardship

A Necessary Focus

With the increasing costs of energy and other operating expenses, there is increasing pressure to begin to monitor, manage, and reduce the use of energy in our automobiles, transit systems, buildings, and homes.































































Our Products

SpatialFacilities Suite, along with Esri GIS technology, provides a single, integrated data management, analysis, viewing and reporting system that glues all of pieces of the facilities management puzzle together.

SpatialPortfolio focuses on the inventory of facility assets, their location, condition, value, current use, and the capital requirements to preserve the facility into the foreseeable future.

SpatialOperations is a web-based application that requires the use of Esri’s Enterprise Server technology. Because the system is web-based, clients without dedicated computer systems can take advantage of the capabilities of the system. All that is required is access to the internet and a standard web browser.

SpatialSystems has developed a spatially-aware security system that provides an operator with detailed information, regarding the location of a triggered sensor, the spatial extent of the area that sensor is designed to protect, and an indication of other sensors in the vicinity that security personnel may want to check to determine whether an actionable event is taking place.