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Sustainability &
Environmental Stewardship

A Necessary Focus

With the increasing costs of energy and other operating expenses, there is increasing pressure to begin to monitor, manage, and reduce the use of energy in our automobiles, transit systems, buildings, and homes.


FMIS Projects

Charles County, MD | Buildings & Trades Division
The Charles County Department of Public Works—Buildings and Trades Division is responsible for monitoring operating conditions and providing the best possible maintenance of County buildings with cost effective capital construction, upgrades, and general improvements.

Maryland State Archives
Despite the efforts of the original design, there was concern that the Maryland State Archives building may not be functioning optimally to protect the stored items as evidenced by mold growth in some areas indicating temperature and humidity problems.

National Institutes of Health
NIH’s Deputy Police Chief, Dan Fuller, decided in early 2012 that he wanted to integrate GIS technology with his Emergency Communications Center (ECC) and to facilitate the use of over 2,000 video surveillance cameras across the campus.

Salisbury University, MD
With the focus on energy efficiency and sustainability, Salisbury University needed a way to not only record current conditions for their various facilities, but be able to visualize and report on those conditions to make operational decisions that improve the building performance.

The Town of La Plata, MD
The Town of La Plata, located outside of the District of Columbia in Southern Maryland, is home to close to 8,800 residents. Incorporated in 1888, the Town is roughly 7.5 square miles and serves as the County seat for Charles County Government. The Town is responsible for providing its constituents with a number of services including public safety, water distribution, wastewater collection, and stormwater management.

U.S. Open, Chambers Bay
The PGA provides security for the course by contracting with organizations that have responsibility for checking that everyone on the course has the right to be there—either that they have purchased a ticket, are a player, or are a volunteer assisting in the myriad of tasks that need to be accomplished to make the event safe and successful.

WCCCD, Michigan
Wayne County Community College District (WCCCD) is located in Detroit Michigan and the surrounding region. The college serves 32 communities and townships in Wayne County, Michigan, a region with nearly two million residents. WCCCD now operates five campuses (Downtown, Western, Downriver, Northwest, and Eastern), serving as many as 70,000 credit and non-credit students annually from 32 cities and townships in Wayne County and beyond.

Woodside Court, MD
An all-electric building, Woodside Court, LLC (Woodside) is a property management firm that was experiencing annual electric bills of approximately $93,000, over $4.50 psf. In the region, this is a higher than average electrical cost; however, Woodside did not have the monitoring tools necessary to discern what systems were consuming power where or when within the building.