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Brochure: Conformance of SSA's SpatialOperations Product with ASHRAE's Performance Measurement Protocols...
Brochure: Spatial Systems Associates, Inc.
Brochure: SpatialMap 911 Informational
Brochure: USGBC LEED Recertification with SpatialOperations
Brochure: You Cannot Manage What You Cannot Monitor

Case Study: Using GIS to Increase Agricultural Productivity in Bangladesh (USAID)
Case Study: Charles County, MD | Buildings & Trades Division
Case Study: Charles County, MD | Department of Public Works/Utilities
Case Study: Charles County, MD | Stormwater Management
Case Study: Charlottesville, VA | Department of Public Works
Case Study: Fairfax County, VA | Stormwater Management
Case Study: La Plata, MD | Achieving a GIS Environment
Case Study: Maryland, Preserving Archival History with SpatialOperations
Case Study: National Institutes of Health, MD | SpatialOperations & Facilities Management...
Case Study: Salisbury University, MD | SpatialOperations & Achieving Sustainability
Case Study: SSA & Airship: Providing Complete Security Monitoring for the U.S. Open
Case Study: WCCCD, Michigan: Meeting Operational Goals Using SpatialFacilities
Case Study: Woodside Court, LLC | Facility Management

Customized Applications to Fit Your Data Collection
Customized Applications, Facility Management Viewer

Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007
Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 Summary
Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 Summary II
Energy Policy Act of 2005
Energy Policy Act of 2005 Summary
Energy Reporting Guidance 2009
Executive Order 13327
Executive Order 13423
Executive Order 13423 Fact Sheet

Sustainability Matters Volume 6: Issue 1 Newsletter
SSA Celebrates its 20th Anniversary!

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Products, SpatialFacilities
Products, SpatialLeak
Products, SpatialMap 911
Products, StormNet
Products, SpatialOperations
Products, SpatialPortfolio
Products, SpatialSecurity

Projects, Archdiocese of Baltimore, MD
Projects, Church of the Resurrection, MD
Projects, Non-Profit
Projects, St. Louis Parish, MD

Services, Cadastral Mapping
Services, Consulting
Services, Data Development
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Services: Dioceses & Parishes: GIS & FMIS Technology
Services: Dioceses & Parishes: School Analysis & Planning...
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