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Our SpatialOperations application is a web-based FMIS. It relies on the availability of Esri's COTS enterprise hosting architecture, which many federal, state and county government organizations have enterprise licenses for. Assuming this technology is already hosted on the client's server, our mission would be limited to developing the data necessary for a specific facility, performing whatever field investigations are necessary to confirm the existence and location of facility components, installing and integrating the desired level of monitoring, building and testing appropriate consumption models against which actual consumption is compared, and development of the customized user interface to meet the specific needs of the client.

For organizations that do not have existing licenses for the base technology, they have the option of acquiring the necessary computer infrastructure or allowing a third party to host the service for them. At least in the development stages of the implementation, it may be preferable to allow a third party to host the system and provide access to the data via the internet. SSA has the ability to provide this service if desired.