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Listen To What Our Clients Are Saying

"I have been using the SpatialMap911 product designed, by Spatial Systems Associates for a couple years, and I am very satisfied with the results.

I was able to transfer from my old addressing program to this one without a hitch and once up and running, I have had very little need for support. It has met all my addressing needs more than adequately."

—D. Carpenter
GIS Specialist
Garrett County, MD



Esri's Suite of Products

Spatial Systems Associates is an authorized dealer for the Esri Desktop, Server, and Mobile product line:

ArcGIS Desktop

Perform advanced spatial analysis, model operational processes and visualize results on professional quality maps. ArcGIS Desktop allows you to analyze data to examine relationships and test predictions and ultimately make better, more informed decisions. It is a family of three products—ArcInfo, ArcEditor, and ArcView—that share the same core applications, user interface and development environment. Each product provides additional GIS functionality. Optional desktop extensions are available to enhance the capabilities of ArcGIS Desktop analysis.

ArcGIS Server 

A complete and integrated server based GIS, ArcGIS Server connects people with geographic information via web applications and services. Use ArcGIS Server to distribute maps and deliver GIS data over the web. Improve your organization's internal workflows and communicate spatial data to end users or to the public.

ArcGIS Mobile

Deploy task-centric mobile applications, ArcGIS Mobile allows organizations to deliver server based data to a wide range of mobile devices. ArcGIS Mobile applications are easy to use and allow field staff who do not necessarily have GIS experience to perform a wide range of GIS tasks such as mapping, sketching, spatial queries and GIS editing.


Mobile GIS Software for Field Mapping, ArcPad is designed for GIS professionals who require GIS capabilities in the field. ArcPad operates on a wide range of GPS and field computer units and provides field- based personnel the ability to capture, edit, analyze and display geographic information.

Desktop Extensions

Extension products allow you to add more capabilities to ArcGIS Desktop. Specialized tools enable you to perform additional tasks such as raster geoprocessing, three-dimensional analysis and map publishing.