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Listen To What Our Clients Are Saying

"I have been using the SpatialMap911 product designed, by Spatial Systems Associates for a couple years, and I am very satisfied with the results.

I was able to transfer from my old addressing program to this one without a hitch and once up and running, I have had very little need for support. It has met all my addressing needs more than adequately."

—D. Carpenter
GIS Specialist
Garrett County, MD



SpatialMap 911 Overview

spatial-map-911Out of a recognition of the need for tools to facilitate the development and maintenance of addresses, the need for maintaining street centerline themes that include address attribution, and the need for production of street maps for use by emergency response personnel, SSA developed a toolkit which we call SpatialMap 911.

Major Features


Version 3.0 Released—Now Compatible with ArcGIS 10
Error Inspector tool: Easily browse through discovered errors, categorically mark errors to revisit selected issues, add comments to distinct errors.

Database Upgrade tool: Quickly update configuration files for changes to underlying datasets.

Disconnected Streets Analysis tool: Search for unsnapped street segments by a user defined    distance.

Merge Addressed Segments tool: Combine two street segments and automatically update address ranges and attributes.

To find out more about how SpatialMap 911 can assist you with your 911 data needs or to arrange a demonstration please contact


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