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Under a state of Maryland open ended task order contract, Spatial Systems Associates (SSA) was awarded a contract to acquire and process Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) data for Worcester County, Somerset County, Wicomico County, Dorchester County, portions of Caroline County, Talbot County and portions of Anne Arundel County on the eastern shore of Maryland. Over a two year period, SSA wrote the specifications for acquisition of the LiDAR data, competitively procured the services of a data collection firm, managed the data collection, and was responsible for processing the resulting data and delivering final work product. LiDAR data was captured at a resolution of 1 meter on the ground. SSA was responsible for establishing control points throughout the region that were used in the QA/QC process to ensure that the resulting data met independent accuracy requirements. The vertical accuracy of the resulting data averaged 11cm RMSE, which was much better than the 18.5 cm accuracy requirement specified by FEMA, which was the required standard for 2-foot contours to national map accuracy standards.

Following processing of the data and confirming the quality based on our first order GPS field work, SSA further refined the data to provide the required deliverables:

eastern-shore-lidar-dataDespite a winter with snow cover, SSA was able to acquire and process the data for delivery just three months following the original schedule deadline. This data has formed the basis for analysis and contour generation by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, NOAA, and the several counties that participated in the effort. SSA was given the responsibility by Worcester and Somerset counties to develop contours for them from the bare earth mass point deliverable. A triangulated irregular network (TIN) was generated from the data and processed with tools that were custom built by SSA to ensure that contours delivered did not violate the 1/2 contour variance rule established by USGS.