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Spatial Systems Associates (SSA) has had a variety of assignments for the City of Baltimore since the firm was established in 1995. When, in the mid 1990's, Baltimore's Department of Public Works (DPW) decided to convert their water, sewer, and conduit records from hardcopy to an Esri-compatible GIS format, SSA was awarded a large subcontract by a regional civil engineering firm to scan the complete set of water distribution infrastructure, register the resulting raster scans to available digital orthophotography, and assist with the vectorization effort. SSA was responsible for establishing points in the GIS for each of the meter boxes, linking the resulting point features to line features that represented the service lines, and linking the meters to the City's water billing database. The work also included development of custom tools used by the prime contractor and eventually by the City to facilitate the vectorization process.

On a subsequent City of Baltimore sewer Inflow and Infiltration (I&I) project for DPW, Spatial was responsible for establishing the GIS used by the prime contractor, collecting and organizing the data provided by the City for use on the project in a GIS format, establishing GIS-based systems for managing field-collected data for the study, integrating flow data and video data from the inspection work into a GIS-based information system for use by the Prime, and assisting with the review of the data on an as-needed basis.