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Data Acquisition & Development

GIS can help your organization further understand its data and provide more answers by adding a spatial component. Spatial Systems can transfer your paper documents and plans and bring them into the digital environment.

Spatial Systems offers scanning services to transfer your paper documents into the digital environment. High resolution wide format scanners provide exceptional quality for documents of almost any size. Scanned documents can be delivered in a variety of digital formats to work with ArcGIS or AutoCAD products.

Acquisition/ Processing
Many data sets are acquired via remote techniques—satellite or aerial based sensors for example. Spatial assists in the development of specifications for this data, procurement of the data, processing of raw data and development of deliverables compatible with the target system.

Field Data Collection
Some data development is achieved through collection of information in the field. Spatial fields crews of qualified data acquisition experts equipped with GPS, digital cameras, and portable computer technology that allows near real time viewing of collected data via the internet.

Vectorization/ Attribution
SSA can transfer your paper documents into a digital GIS environment. Digitizing of documents can be done for a wide array of data—from parcels to utility pipes to county and shoreline boundaries. Spatial Systems can improve the usefulness and quality of your data through attribution. Data fields can be created according to a specific set of standards in your organizations area of expertise. Custom fields designated by the customer can also be configured to suit an explicit need.

Data development is not complete without thorough checking of the quality of the workproduct. Your selected vendor should have established and proven methods for check their own work and they should expect that the delivered data will be reviewed by their client or their client's selected QA/QC vendor.