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Field Data Collection

ssa-truck-with-equipmentOften, documents that are available for conversion do not contain up to date information or information that is complete enough to satisfy the needs of the intended user. At times, there is simply no substitute for getting into the field and collecting additional information. Spatial Systems Associates can provide the resources necessary to collect this data, whether inside or outside of the envelope of the building infrastructure. Examples include verification of points of egress for addresses associated with street centerlines; location of manholes or valves; invert elevations; verification of the existence and location of interior walls, doors, windows; tracing which electrical outlets are connected to which circuit breaker; the locations and connectivity of HVAC components, etc.

Spatial Systems Associates can field teams of data collection personnel equipped with GPS technology, communications capability, and ruggedized computer equipment. Teams have been dispatched for days or weeks at a time to efficiently collect necessary information. Please contact to discuss your field data collection requirements.