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Map Publications

One of the most effective ways to convey the results of data analysis is through the use of maps.

Spatial Systems can produce maps for any industry. Our maps are cartographically pleasing while retaining the fundamentals of cartographic design. We work with our clients to provide the most effective way of displaying data. This includes color schemes, legend symbology and display scales.

Map books can be published as an atlas, including indexing, for large data sets that span across ranges such as counties or states. Individual wall size maps can be created for larger displays.


archdiocese-of-baltimore-borders sjn-vicariate
Archdiocese of Baltimore:
School Mapping
Archdiocese of Baltimore:
Parish Mapping
ocean-pines baltimore-city
Worcester County, Maryland:
911 Map Series
Baltimore City: 
CCTV Inspection


Maps and map books can be produced at a variety of sizes that best suits your needs. Map books are available in 8" x 10" and 11" x 17". Individual maps can be plotted at sizes up to 42 inches wide.

Please contact to find out more about our map production.