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Code Conversion

Many organizations use legacy applications that were created and written with what is now considered to be a legacy programming language. Some of the tools and applications written in older forms of code are still considered to be vital to many businesses and end users, however, as the technologies they are built upon are no longer supported by software vendors, the code and application becomes unsupportable.

Spatial Systems uses the most up to date programming languages for developing geospatial tools for your organization. These include .NET (Visual Basic and C#), Python, ASP.NET, Adobe Flex, Microsoft Silverlight, JavaScript, and HTML5. Depending on what standards may have been adopted by your organization, rest assured that Spatial Systems' programming staff can use current programming technology to convert existing applications for use in a new environment. Working with these newer languages also provides the ability to enhance your applications in the process, providing new tasks and functionality to improve workflows while maintaining the purpose of the original application.

Several of our programming staff have been providing services to our clients for well over a decade, which means they likely have experience in developing applications in older technologies that may now need to be converted. Our staff has over fifteen years of programming experience with a history in Visual Basic, ArcIMS, ASP(classic), and ColdFusion. While these technologies may no longer be in vogue and may not be supported for long by their manufacturers, the fact that our programmers have experience in development in these languages and in conversion of applications to newer technologies means that our efficiencies are high during the conversion process.