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Web Applications

charles-county-md-screen-captureGIS technology has been available for delivery via the internet since the late 1990's. As the use of the internet has matured, we have all become more dependent upon it for access to all kinds of information. Esri has responded to the desire for GIS and FMIS functionality via the internet by providing ever more sophisticated tools for use by developers to offer data and spatial functionality.

Many organizations now make access to their data via the internet extremely convenient. Federal and state government agencies are making their data accessible via the internet, and Esri GIS technology has the ability to take advantage of these often free data sources.

GIS and FMIS customers are recognizing that the internet provides a convenient, recognizable, and most often easy to use interface for web-based applications. Spatial Systems Associates has, for ten years, been developing and deploying web-based GIS functionality for our customers. We have been providing access to FMIS technology via the web since 2009. Whether hosted by Spatial Systems on our own servers, deployed on our customer's in-house servers, or hosted by a commercial provider in the "cloud," Spatial programming and system administration staff can offer complete website development, enterprise server GIS interface development, and customized web-based application development and support services. Many of our customers are amazed by the ease with which non-GIS staff can take advantage of the functionality of GIS-based web applications. Our programmers are able to use a variety of web-based programming tools, including Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Flex, and ASP.NET.

Please take a few minutes to review some of our project examples for web-based applications in use today by our customer base. Then contact us to discuss how we may be of service to you in your efforts to similarly make your data available to both office and field staff utilizing web-based technology.